Don’t Overlook What Direct Mail Can do for Your Business

Don't Overlook What Direct Mail Can do for Your Business

In marketing today the focus has been on what the online world can do for you and direct mail marketing has fallen by the wayside.  You’re missing out on a huge opportunity, and you might want to take another look at what direct marketing can do for you.  Here’s a look at why you shouldn’t ignore direct mail marketing.

Mail campaigns are more personal

Email has become so commonplace that most people have half a dozen or more email addresses.  Research shows that only about 20% of emails are actually opened and the rest are sent to the cyber trash can.  If you want people to see your offer then direct mail has a better success rate of getting opened.  Personalizing a mailer can help to create an initial connection with a potential customer.  Here are some more tips on making direct mail work for you.

Something in Hand

Even though digital should be a part of your strategy, having something in hand will always grab attention.  People are still using coupons from Sunday newspapers and flyers.  Many don’t have a printer or will take the time to print out a digital offer.  There is still a huge demographic without a smart phone or that download smart phone apps that offer virtual coupons.

Laser targeting

Every advertising agency understands the power of data, Google built an entire business based on having huge amounts of data. You can use direct mail and target an ideal audience.  If you want to target homeowners over 50, or target business owners, not a problem.  Marketing companies use specific analytic programs  that can put together a target mailing list of potential customers.  You can narrow down the geographical are and find the customers most likely to respond.

Staying power

One of the goals of a direct marketing campaign is to keep your brand in the consumers’ mind.  Don’t overlook the value of brand recognition, just look at what it has done for Apple.  Consumers are more likely to keep a piece of tangible mail far longer than an email.  It is unlikely that customers even see the contents of your email but people keep fliers around far longer.  In fact you probably have a drawer full of restaurant menus…so it does work.

Direct mail can promote your web presence

Direct mail campaigns don’t interfere with your online marketing efforts.  Direct mail does the opposite in fact, mailers will include your website information and other contact information on the flier.  You can kill two birds with one stone, promote your business and your website at the same time…it’s win-win.

Using Direct Mail to Promote your HVAC Business

Using Direct Mail to Promote your HVAC Business

As an owner of an HVAC business, you want to see your business grow to unpredictable heights. You want to draw in more customers each day, and offer them exceptional services to ensure that they will stay.

The only way to have customers knocking on your door is to make yourselves known to them. No other method of marketing has reaped enormous benefits for HVAC businesses than Direct Mail marketing. Direct Mail marketing has proven to be cost efficient and high on investment returns.

To make the most out of Direct Mail marketing, you have to know how to do it right. We will show you how to do just that!

1. You must send your letter to the appropriate market target. Make sure what you are offering is of interest to the recipient. It will eventually hurt your business to blindly send millions of mails countrywide without doing your homework first.  Make sure your target market has an interest in what you are offering, inspire a need and make it affordable.

2. Now that you have got your mail into the hands of your future customer, you have to get them to open it up. The outward appearance of the letter will both peak the interest of the client and get them to open it up, or have them promptly throw the mail into the bin.

Favor the simple hand addressed, or laser addressed mail over the stuffy company envelope. Offer a return address and the age-old postage stamp.

3. Make sure your entire message body is about the customer, and not you. Do not blow your own horn too much, or shower yourself with too much praise.  Let the customer understand what you have to offer them and how this can be beneficial to them. Make it conversational and write in second person (You). It’s all about the customer right now, and less about you.

4. Give your client value, value and more value. Your customers have to feel like they need to read the whole letter to the end. Make them ask themselves why they shouldn’t be picking up the phone and calling you straight away.

5. Emphasize that you are ready and willing to begin work immediately. Leave a working phone number and your website for quick and easy contact. You worked hard to build the need and interest for your customer, do not leave them hanging.

That is the secret to a successful Direct Mail marketing strategy for your HVAC business. It is not such a secret anymore since I’ve told you, but you get the drift. Employ these techniques, and you are ready to go.